Invite Friends, Get 100 Caps!

Swap your things for things you want.

1. Declutter & Save

Give away your unwanted items and get things you need in return.

2. Earn Caps

Earn unlimited Caps when you Sell your Items, Complete Surveys, Watch Video Ads, and more!

3. Cash Out

Spend Caps to get great items from other people or cash out for paypal / gift cards, no minimum!

For a limited time receive 100+ caps for each friend you invite to

You will also receive 10% of of their "survey earnings" for life! That means if your friend earns 500 caps, you'll get 50 caps.

We'e a new and growing site so spreading the word is a big help and gets more items listed by new members.

Earn With Friends

-Get 25 Caps when you invite a friend who joins & grabs their Promo Caps!
-Get 75 Caps when you invite a friend who completes their first listing!
-Get 10% of caps your friends earn through the sponsored offers

How to gain referrals?

-give your referral link to friends who will create a SwapCaps account
-share your referral link on social media (facebook, twitter, etc)
-Create an unboxing video on youtube when you receive something

Your Referral Links

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All three of these links count as a referral link.

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