About SwapCaps

Swap your things for things you want.

1. Declutter & Save

Give away your unwanted items and get things you need in return.

2. Earn Caps

Earn unlimited Caps when you Sell your Items, Complete Surveys, Watch Video Ads, and more!

3. Cash Out

Spend Caps to get great items from other people or cash out for paypal / gift cards, no minimum!

What is SwapCaps.com?

SwapCaps is an experiment in the "sharing economy" & "circular economy". We want to create a site that allows users to safely trade Video Games, Steam Keys, DVDs, Digital content from any online game, and more with each other and get something around the same value in return.

The idea is that if each one of us has tons of things in our houses we will never use again and there are people who could use those items, we should find a safe/simple/efficient/fair way to trade back and forth (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle). SwapCaps is about saving money, decluttering, and getting things you want.

What are Caps?

Swap Caps are the intermediary currency here. You trade and buy items for caps. This is easier than trading one item directly for another item. It makes transactions safer and gives everyone the maximum value for their item. We help maintain the value of Caps by selling gift cards at fixed values in our Rewards Store.

Why caps?

Why not coins, credits, gil, gold, stamps, or dollars as a currency? We want to stand out, plus a lot of people are familiar with caps being a possible currency in a post-apocalyptic world so might as well have it used on a post-dollar platform.

By using a virtual currency you can effectively trade back and forth which maximizes the value you are getting and rewards those who are sharing their things with others.

What if no user is selling anything I want to buy with my caps?

Good question! SwapCaps maintains a Rewards Store stocked with things like Amazon.com Gift Cards that you can cashout instantly for. We're committed to maintaining the Rewards Store as a permanent cashout option to curb inflation.

How does selling work?

1.) List items you no longer want.
2.) Users win your auction or purchase your item at a fixed price.
3.) You ship out their item and claim your caps!

How does buying work?

1.) Browse auctions, listings, or the Rewards Store
2.) When you win an auction or purchase an item, the seller will ship the item to you.
3.) You get the new item, and have successfully traded things you dont use for something you will use!

Are there fees?

-No listing fees.
-No transaction fee on auctions that start at 20 Caps or less.
-5% transaction fee, deducted from Caps you receive, on items sold at a fixed price. These Caps are then recycled back into the community through Sign Up Bonuses and occasional promotions.

We have setup a site that can operate through ad revenue which keeps fees small. Dont see any ads? They become visible when you login.

How does shipping work?

The seller pays the cost of shipping to the buyer. Once you sell an item, you will ship to the buyer. We'll help you through the complete process and provide tips to decrease shipping costs!

When you buy an item with Caps, you will not have to pay anything for shipping, so it all evens itself out in the end.

Also because the seller pays the shipping we believe they'll find the most affordable way to ship.

What makes SwapCaps different?

-We facilitate safe trades.
-Transparent fees: You can use SwapCaps and never pay a fee by listing auctions that start at 20 Caps or less. All other listings have a 5% fee taken from the Caps you receive.
-The seller pays the cost of shipping the item to the buyer.
-When buying, you only pay in Caps. Caps represent how much you have swapped to others.

SwapCaps Mission

Create the best marketplace for people to:
-Save money.
-Get Rewarded.
-Declutter their lives.
-Reduce the number of brand new purchases.

We replace items with newer items and keep things sitting around in the hopes we will use them one day. We want to help people get things they want by simply trading things they no longer have a use for.

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